The Dream Materializer


The Dream Materializer is a project that began in 2008.
A work of art which includes material parts (ceramic
reliefs and playing cards) and parts that are immaterial and merged with life. I built the Materializer using a series of rules trying to limit my rational decisions about how the materialization would be. I started by asking people to tell me their dreams in order for me to materialize them. The relating of the dreams is carried out orally and in person. When someone tells me a dream, I build an image in my mind and ask questions to try and clarify this image. I note down the dream at the moment it is told or soon after. I also write down the reasons why the person decided to give me the dream. After the relation of the dream, I search for key words on the internet, trying to find the image that

the person dreamed. I make a digital collage which is then materialized in ceramic.

The dreams were materialized in the order in which they were received. This process lasted a few years until I had the set of 50 dreams which make up this series. I decided to stop the series of dreams at 50 because in the report
that would become dream number 51, the person dreamed about me, my wife and my newborn son, all sleeping in the same room. That dream is already materialized in real life, I thought.

During the materialization process, which could last from one week to one month, I began to realize the dream that

was materializing was communicating things to me about the moments in life that I was experiencing. Coincidences and synchronisities emerged between life and dream that
I could not ignore. I began to treat the dreams as cards of
a personal tarot that life had brought me. I had a strong experience with tarot during childhood and youth. My mother used to played tarot. Learning from her, I used the cards frequently between the ages of 12 and 19 to help deal with my personal questions. The ‘a-ha’s and surprises the dreams brought me, at first I kept to myself. Only at the end of the series of 50 dreams, thinking about how to share it, I decided to print the Dream Materializer as a tarot.
The dreams of the Materializer transformed into a deck of cards which gives new significance to each story. Through reading this tarot I discover new connections in every game.

The dream caught in the materialization follows a path from the immaterial to the material, from the unconscious to the conscious and from the sky to the ground, quite literally, since the plates are made from ceramic. In the exercise of playing and reading the tarot, the Materializer makes a new bridge to and from the immaterial, to the unconscious and to the sky. The dreams gain other meanings through contact with each other and with each person who asks their questions to the tarot.

I was hopping for the Dream Materializer to have autonomy. I followed the clues. And that is how it revealed itself.


The layers overlap I get lost in a maze. I make a second materialization in ceramics to deliver to the dreamers.

Every dream and every person has a meaning for me. But it’s not a tarot. I want to make a book. Or several. Oracle that kiss himself. I let dreams lead us to other ways. I no longer know where the book ends and where my life begins.


I follow some rules / bases of the proposal:


Follow the rules / Do not control: The procedures creates a series of rules that the artist must follow, they are the guides for the dark world.


Follow intuition / Do not control: All rules can be changed as long as there are clear signs.


Horizontality / Non-hierarchy: Everything has the same importance: dream, blog, pottery, text, image, collage, book. The process has the same importance of the materialized dream and than the relationships activated for the process to happen.




The project should go as far as it shows.